This Sacred Square

The Breath of Compassion from this Sacred Square: Christchurch [Digital Image, 21 March 2019, G. Barnes]

Beyond 15 March 2019

This symbol is the Breath of the Compassionate.
Of the ninety-nine knowable names of God in Islamic tradition.
‘Compassionate’ is the highest pronounceable name.

Here comes form, out of this Sacred Square.
This 8-pointed Star is EXPANSION.
This 4-pointed star is CONTRACTION.
Together it is UNION.

From our fragile heart of cardboard and broken walls.
From this shattered city of small squares.
For those lives surrendered.
Let compassion expand.
Expand through the world.
As the pattern repeats.
Keep repeating the pattern.
Expanding love.
Dissolving hate.
Repeat compassion.
I say, repeat compassion.
Let hearts expand.
Division contract.
Unity evolves, it evolves…
From us.