Seven Rivers Walking : Reviews

“Anyone with a gnats whisker of concern for our environment should track this movie down and go see it -”


“Thank-you for the wonderful film that is Seven Rivers Walking. My Mum and I saw this film at Alice Cinematheque on the weekend. It was very moving and a call to action for us both to do more for our environment.”

SELWYN - Rescuing Inanga“Your documentary was amazing…to really hit home to me how much hard work there is to do and it has strengthened my resolve to do as much as we can in our park + the surrounding neighborhoods….”

“Really appreciated  the movie tonight.  We spent 13 years in Ashburton so have a soft spot for the farming world.  Dairying however has changed things. It is too easy for city folk to point the finger at farmers when we have real issues to face. ”

“I went to see the Seven Rivers Walking film on the weekend and was very moved by it and as a result am inspired to get more involved in advocating for, protecting and improving our waterways. In response to this film, I have subscribed to the Opawaho Heathcote River Network newsletter with the view to getting involved in OHRN activities, I have put some rocks in the open drain that runs through my property in an attempt to improve water quality and encourage life, I have subscribed to Forest and Bird for myself and my kids and I have started buying Nature Matters milk from XCHC in the basis that they are a low intensive farm with concern for the waterways.”
C. F.

“Went to see this movie/documentary today. Very good. Thought provoking for all NZ’ers. A must see if you are able to go. ”

“This is local film-making to help us understand and care about the gift of fresh water and the future of our rivers. It is respectful of the all point of view and a good 85 minutes to think about how we can back out of the worst of the possible futures for our fresh water.”ALICE

“You and Kathleen definitely captured the depth of concern out there and provided the motivation to keep going.”

ORARI- Rafting 2

“I was greatly touched by the film last night. You and your fellow team have done an incredible job… I thought it particularly powerful by not drawing itself into the politics of this urgent issue – but simply showing us the reality of how it is.”

“…but just let me add ‘wow!’ So much gorgeous photography – all that amazing wildlife stuff, stunning underwater shots and the beautiful braids from the air – absolutely loved it – incredible job. And you packed So Much In!”

“Congratulations, your filming was amazing. Art with a message, a serious message! Hope our new politicians take note, do something positive, we ordinary folk can and must do our bit to protect our water systems.”

SRW Dorector and Camera, Gaylene Barnes, in the Rakaia River

Doing Time with the Archetype

I have uploaded to youtube a ‘screen recording’ on June 28, 2013, at Woolston, 4.40pm – using Quicktime Player’s ‘movie recording’ and ‘screen recording’ with the onboard laptop camera.

Unmediated, nil interference or ‘reconstruction’ of – me, time, studio or process. As a professional television editor/director – the temptation to meddle is huge! But I wanted to just capture time_thought_work. The only intervention is the START, the END, and the ANGLE.

Video still
Video still “Screen Capture, 28.6.13, 4.40pm” G. Barnes

It is about observing myself (my ego), all the while knowing I am not just this ego making stuff – I think I am more – the person turning  the camera on and off – watching myself? It makes for an interesting meditation anyway! The camera watching me… like the Omniscient One perhaps? It keeps me in the present, and mindful.

… the Way of Love is about alternately distancing ourselves into a meditative and self-integrating silence of our own being and empathically uniting with the eyes and world-views of others. (Uskokovic´, p. 360)

All that we are aware of as our experience derives from the interplay between creative actions of two sides: the subject and its environment. (Uskokovic´, p. 362)

It reminds me that what it is I am doing, creating, painting, etc – I need to do from a place of core truth. What is the truth? A friend said to me today – ‘You will know the truth when you hear it, because you have always known it.’ Brilliant woman!

Furthermore, we should know that the core of our thoughts, emotions and aspirations becomes embedded in the products of our actions in the world. Play chords on a musical instrument with the heart filled with devotion, and the music flown into the air will mysteriously shine with a grace concealed within. It is likewise with all the creative acts and events in the world.

In the end, miraculous accomplishments in life are all about great wishes that have burned within their creators. Whether we are trying to make inspiring works in the fields of arts, sciences or ordinary, casual communications, cultivation of great wishes inside ourselves presents the first step towards a successful embodiment of our visions and dreams. (Uskokovic´, p. 368)

I have been ‘captured’ ever since I was a teenager by an Archetype. It has such a hold on me, that no matter which way I turn – to Nature, to Space, to Atoms, to the Heart of Humanity, or to the Mundane or Media,  to the I, or to the Many – the Archetype continues to hold me in its power – while my feeble brain and spirit stumble along this postmodern road.

Contact with an archetype cannot be revealed in the language of everyday experience; it requires exclamatory and idiomatic expressions; it is always attended by some measure of entrancement. But a sense of archetypes can also dawn on ordinary minds, caught in the web of manifold, benumbing experiences. (Zolla, p. 191)


Uskokovic´, V. (2012), ‘On love in the realm of science’, Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research 10: 2+3, pp. 359–374.

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